Entrance in mosaics for coffee bar Frank & Charlie

Coffee bar Frank & Charlie officially opened its door this summer. On a prime location, in the heart of Enschede’s city centre. The bar got thoroughly renovated the months before.

Nearly everything was tiled, including the entrance. We supplied mosaics for this: a customized pattern including Frank & Charlies’ logo. Read more about this exciting project below!


Not all mosaics are suitable for use on high traffic floor. Our London collection, however, is intended for this use. These unglazed, full body porcelain mosaics even have a nonslip rating. It therefore made only sense to use mosaics from this collection for Frank & Charlies’ entrance. A small, white hexagon, of 23x26x5 millimetres.


For Frank & Charlies’ logo a full body, porcelain tile of Marazzi was used.
We first sliced this tile into the same thickness as the mosaics, since it originally was one centimetre thick. Next, the logo was sawn out of the tile using a waterjet.

The pattern also includes a dark, curved edge on the outside, which also sawn out of the Marazzi tile with a waterjet. We followed the exact radius of the drawing for this, which was made on scale.


We can basically supply any kind of pattern and logo in mosaics, if we receive drawings made on scale. We place the whole of mosaics and other tiles on a mould and glue sheets behind it. These sheets are numbered and part of a layout plan. This way the tiler knows exactly how to lay out the pattern. Delivery time usually takes about five weeks.


Sometimes we supply a mosaic floor for the entire building, sometimes only a part of the floor is tiled with mosaics. The clients went for this last option and incorporated the customized pattern into a cast floor. This obviously looks super sleek, but also draws more attention to the mosaics!

This pattern was commissioned by Regge Tegels. Interested in or receive more information about customized mosaics? Please contact us!

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