Convenient designing with BIM jpg files from TMF range

After continuing desire, we have good news: TMF mosaics now have BIM jpg files available! This will make your design process a lot easier. With these files, you can easily integrate our mosaic tiles into your design. This allows you to save valuable time and fully focus on the creative process.

What is BIM?

Building Information Modelling (BIM) is a digital approach to designing, planning, constructing and managing a building. A BIM model is a shared file that contains all the detailed information about the physical and functional characteristics of the building, such as weight, material and energy consumption, among others. BIM is a well-known standard for sharing all relevant information in datasets with other design programs and architects.

What does BIM mean for TMF mosaics?

For our mosaic, BIM means that the products in our range are now digitally available in image format (jpg). The BIM jpgs are flat images for easy incorporation into your design. Each product has its own folder with article code and contains at least the following files:

  1. Images of the mosaic sheet with a matching grout colour (1 to 3 jpg’s)
  2. Images of the height, normal and roughness.These represent depth, texture and gloss and are used in render software to convert a design to a sharp and realistic image.
  3. A README.txt file with the size of the mat mosaic to import.

Some products contain additional files to use while designing. This is because they have a certain texture or raised edge, for example.

In addition, the Valencia and Amsterdam collections also have BIM images for a square metre of surface (besides the BIM images of a single sheet). Repetition of a single sheet of these mosaics creates a pattern in the design because each sheet is the same. In reality, each sheet is different, so a BIM jpg of one square metre of surface gives a more realistic view of the mosaics when incorporated in a design.

Example: BIM jpg files for SEF20100

Why BIM jpg files for TMF mosaics?

The availability of BIM images makes life as a designer a lot easier. This added piece of service from The Mosaic Factory opens up a world of possibilities for designing with mosaic from The Mosaic Factory! Some benefits of the BIM images:

  • Easier to work with TMF mosaics: The BIM images make it easy to work with TMF mosaics in your design program. The images can be downloaded easily and are ready-to-use!
  • Accurate visualisation: Mosaic tiles from The Mosaic Factory are now easy to integrate into digital BIM models. This gives a more realistic picture of how the mosaic will look in a specific space and improves the quality of the design.
  • Efficiency in design process: Integrating the BIM images into a design makes it easier to make design decisions and changes. This saves valuable time and allows you to fully focus on the creative process.
  • Easier collaboration: By offering our mosaic tiles as BIM images, we contribute to a smoother exchange of information between architects, contractors and clients, improving the overall efficiency of the project.

Download the BIM jpg files

The BIM jpg files are available for download on our TMF Mediaportal. This library serves as a digital place for different kinds of files from The Mosaic Factory, such as images, our catalogue, videos and thus also the BIM images.

To gain access, please register on the Mediaportal website. The Mediaportal is intended for business use. Therefore, please register yourself with your business contact details.

After your registration, you will receive an e-mail with your login credentials. We will process your registration within 2 working days and you will receive a confirmation e-mail upon approval. You can now start designing with mosaic from The Mosaic Factory!

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