New – Oval mosaic fingers!

Lover of our kitkat mosaics? We have some good news for you! The oval fingers are namely now available from stock. A fine addition to our range, since oval is completely new tile shape for us. Read more about these striking mosaics below!

No kitkats, but biscuits

You will find the new oval fingers in our Sevilla collection. Where the rest of this collection resemble kitkat chocolate bars a lot, the new tiles look more like biscuits. They are quite long and thin, with rounded edges at the ends. Finger-licking good, right?

Neutral, but also striking colours

The oval fingers are available in seven shades. These include striking colours, like light green and azure blue, but also neutral black and white. You might recognize these colours from the kitkat minis, which are available in the same shades. Some fingers have a speckle or dark edge, ensuring a striking colour effect.

Good on organic shapes

The oval fingers are very suitable for tiling organic shapes. Think of curved surfaces, as we see on bars or desks. If you want to apply the mosaics on such surfaces, it is necessary to process them vertically. On a flat surface the oval fingers can be processed both vertically and horizontally.

Sizes and particular joint

The new fingers are 23 millimetres wide, 98 millimetres long and 6 millimetres thick. They have joint of 2 millimetres, which runs wider at the end of the tiles. That particularly makes these mosaics quite playful and thus a trendy alternative for more static tile shapes.

The oval fingers are now available from stock. Interested in a free sample? Send an email to!

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