Custom mosaics

Custom mosaics really add something unique to any interior or exterior. The eye-catcher in an open space or a distinctive and striking detail to complete your design! Think of a unique mosaic pattern for the wall, floor, or swimming pool, for example. Or a picture translated into mosaics. The possibilities are endless, the results are always beautiful.

This is why you can opt for custom mosaics. We aim to make the world a more attractive place with our mosaic tiles, together with you. Bespoke tiles allow you to do so by using the full potential of our mosaics’ different colours, shapes and sizes. Lets Make Something Beautiful!

Interested in custom mosaics for your project? Below you’ll read exactly how this process works. Spoiler: we will take care of most of the work! We assist you throughout the whole process making custom work accessible to anyone.

Show us your design

Do you have a certain pattern in mind? Then it’s important we receive a drawing on scale. If it’s a repeating pattern, a clear high resolution picture will suffice as well. Please tell us about your idea after which we will check if that idea is possible within our collections. Do we have the mosaic tiles in the right colours? Are we able to create the proposed pattern with the shapes in our range? Once we have checked all this, we will contact you about the follow-up.

Pricing and delivery

If it is determined that we can create your desired custom design, we will inform you about pricing and delivery times. Small volumes are most likely to be delivered within five or six weeks. Larger volumes are made in the factory and have a delivery time of approximately sixteen weeks. Pricing depends on the volume, the complexity of the pattern and the collections we must use to create it. When we agree on the pricing and delivery times, we will move on to production.

Production and delivery

Once the order is officially confirmed, we will start with the production. You don’t have to do anything in the meantime, except wait until we finish it. When the production is finised, we will inform you and make the delivery arrangements.

We always supply clear instructions and a layout scheme with the custom design, so your tiler can get to work immediately. If something is not entirely clear, you or the tiler can always contact us with any questions.

Share your results

Once your custom design is finished, we would love to see the result! We therefore appreciate it a lot if you send us photos, preferable ones we could share on our social media. This way we can inspire others with the possibilities of custom work too!

Good to know

  • Is the custom design for a swimming pool? We can supply the mosaic sheets with paper on the front instead of mesh netting on the back. This way, the back of the tiles is free to fully adhere to the adhesive.
  • For quantities over 300 square meters, we can supply custom colours too.
  • Is your custom design not a repeating pattern but a picture turned into mosaics? We will number every mosaic sheet corresponding with the supplied layout scheme to assist your tiler.

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