Inspiration for your mosaic needs

Mosaics aren’t bound to any space or style. They are versatile and great to play around and experiment with. For instance, kitkat mosaics look just as good in a minimalistic kitchen as they do in a contemporary bathroom. And glass mosaics are just as suitable for a traditional design as they are for a modern space. It all depends on colour scheme, composition, and combination.

The past years we’ve seen many great interior designs with mosaics, which we have collected on this page. If you need mosaic inspiration, get ready for an overload!

Mosaics at home

We believe mosaics should be included in any home. They add a surprising detail yet blend in seamlessly with all sorts of interior styles. In addition, mosaics are extremely versatile in terms of appliance. They are suitable for the bathroom and kitchen, but also the living room and hallway. Some of our mosaics can even be used outdoors and in swimming pools!

All mosaics can be applied on walls. On the hunt for a mosaic floor tile? The London collection is the way to go. These full body, unglazed porcelain mosaics are especially suitable for use on high traffic floors. We can even incorporate them in a customized floor pattern for your dream home! Contact us for more information about bespoke designs.   

For every project

We do not only provide mosaics for private homes, but also for lots of projects. In retail and hospitality, for example. Think of mosaics for all bathrooms in a hotel in Ibiza or a customized floor pattern for Kings Cross metro station in London. These past years we’ve participated in many unique projects and we’re looking forward to many more!

If you need inspiration for one of your projects, we have plenty to offer. Look around and see all the (sometimes) unexpected ways mosaics can be incorporated in your design. Have a specific idea in mind? Contact us so we can discuss it! If desired, we can supply all kinds of customized mosaics to complete your dream design.

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