Patterns in mosaics – a unique detail in any interior!

All though we offer an extended range of mosaics, we also provide a lot of tailored solutions. This means we create entirely custom made and unique designs using mosaics from our existing collections. Basically anything is possible: if you can imagine it, we can provide it. Think of logos, patterns and combinations of both. In this blog you will read more about this special service and how we deliver these kind of bespoke designs.

The possibilities

Our mosaics are available in all kinds of colours, shapes and sizes, but it’s possible you have a very specific design in mind. Specific designs often lead to tailored solutions, in which we provide you with unique and custom made patterns in mosaics. The possibilities of these bespoke designs are endless: special figures, letters in all kind of fonts, random motifs, etcetera.

If you have a specific design in mind, we need a clear and complete drawing or photo of it. It’s important that this drawing or photo shows how the pattern repeats itself. Based on the drawing, we will built up the pattern as efficient as possible, so the mosaics will be easy to process. Once we have your approval on the example of the design, we will get started.

The mosaics

For custom made designs we preferably use mosaics from our standard collections. We often use mosaics from the London-, Amsterdam-, Barcelona– or Venice-collection, because these collections offer mosaics in the most various colours and sizes. Think of round, square, rectangle and hexagon shaped mosaics, in all uni-colours and more special shades, like pearl and gold.

Whenever you request a tailored solution, it is important for you to inform us about the placing of the design. We need to know whether the mosaics will be placed on the wall or on the floor, because glossy mosaics are prone to scratching and thus not suited for use on the floor. For floor patterns we therefore always use matt mosaics with an anti-slip coating, like mosaics from our London-collection. 

Processing the mosaics

The tiles of the pattern are one by one placed in a mould, after which a mesh is glued behind it. This way sheets with mosaics arise, so the tiler can place bigger parts of the patterns at once. Dependent on the size and volume of the project, we produce the patterns in Europa or create them at our factory. In any case we use the same moulds, so the size of the joint stays the same.

The mosaics are numbered with a number and a letter, like A1, A2, B1, B2, etcetera. We also include tiling instructions, with clear information about how the pattern must be placed. This means processing custom made designs is almost as easy as processing mosaics from our standard collections.

If you are interested or have any questions regarding these kind of tailored solutions, please feel free to contact us!

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