5 ways to include kitkat mosaics in your design!

The Sevilla collection with kitkat mosaics remains our top pick! These so-called fingers are particularly versatile and a fun alternative to more common tile shapes, like hexagon and square. The collection has therefore been extended substantially, with all kinds of new colours and of course the kitkat minis. Are you considering these popular mosaics for your project? Discover five surprising ways to include them in your design below!

As wall decor

Not the most surprising, but definitely the most common way: kitkat mosaics on the wall! We often see these mosaics applied on bathroom and kitchen walls, behind the sink or as backsplash. But what about kitkat mosaics on a living room wall? They look stunning behind a fire place, for example.

Around a pillar

Our mosaics are not only being applied in private houses, but also in the hospitality industry. In hotels and restaurants, for example. These kind of projects offer even more opportunities to include kitkat mosaics. Recently we even saw the turquoise fingers being applied around a pillar, which looked beautiful! Note: if the pillar is square, the mosaics can be applied both horizontally and vertically.

On curved surfaces

Our kitkat mosaics are particularly small and thus very suitable for tiling curved surfaces. Think of bars, desks, and even kitchen islands. Be aware the kitkat mosaics must be placed vertically to make a good angle. On a flat surface the mosaics can also be placed horizontally – whatever suits your taste!   

On a platform

Are you dealing with plateaus, platforms, or other elevations in your project? Tiling them with kitkat mosaics ensures a stunning look! Please note that glossy tiles are not suitable for use on floors. If people are walking on the platform, we therefore advise against using the glossy kitkat mosaics. Only the matt kitkat mosaics are suitable for use on barefoot floors.

In a niche

A niche offers opportunity for extra decoration or, when placed in a bathroom, to store shampoo bottles. Niches therefore make a stunning and practical addition to your design, especially if you cover them with kitkat mosaics! Note: we recommend using an epoxy grout for bathroom niches, to protect the joints against lime.

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