Mosaic logo and pattern at Ruby Rose

Hexagon floordesign with a bespoke pattern and logo. With pride we show you our latest project of 2019. Upon request we made a mosaic pattern made of unglazed hexagons in size 23x26x5mm. Besides the pattern we were asked to supply the logo in mosaics as well. The same hexagon mosaic was used for this, with

Mosaic tiles pattern buffet restaurant

Bespoke hexagon tiles pattern made for a buffet restaurant. Interior architect Erik Remmers of Art 2 Go Interieur projecten has devised a beautiful pattern of black and white unglazed hexagon mosaic tiles for buffet restaurant Lucky Apple in Waalwijk. Together with Erik we discussed how the drawing of this pattern could best be supplied to

Floordesigns available from stock

We regularly create tailor-made patterns for our customers. However, there are a number of patterns that occur so frequently that we have stocked them as standard. This not only makes the delivery time much shorter, but also the prices much lower. The standard stock patterns are the: LOH-Kensington-4: this is a 23x26mm hexagon pattern in white

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