Mosaic design with recycled window glass

Video on Dutch television regarding sustainable material for interiordesign. Fortunately, the demand for sustainable materials is increasing. We are therefore happy that we can contribute to this.In this video, however, it is not only about the Valencia series that is made of at least 87% recycled window glass, but also about the effect of a

Mosaic floordesigns on Dutch television

Item on Dutch national television regarding affordable mosaic floordesigns In this video we talk about mosaic patterns, especially for the floor. The video is spoken in Dutch, but is subtitled in English. Many people think that mosaic is more for the wall and especially for the bathroom or kitchen. Nothing is less true! Mosaic is

New mosaic floordesigns

Unglazed TMF® London mosaic mixes now on stock The TMF® London unglazed mosaic collection with R11 / class C anti-slip is ideally suited for floors in bathrooms, shops, restaurants, pools, etc. The collection of this high-quality and durable floortile mosaic has been expanded with the following mixes: LO10MIX1 48x48x6mm Dark Grey Mix (Dark Grey-Anthracite-Black mix)

Floordesigns available from stock

We regularly create tailor-made patterns for our customers. However, there are a number of patterns that occur so frequently that we have stocked them as standard. This not only makes the delivery time much shorter, but also the prices much lower. The standard stock patterns are the: LOH-Kensington-4: this is a 23x26mm hexagon pattern in white

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