Job openings

The Mosaic Factory groeit! Met enige regelmaat hebben wij openstaande vacatures. Check snel of er een leuke job voor jou bijzit!

Mosaic tiles pattern buffet restaurant

Bespoke hexagon tiles pattern made for a buffet restaurant. Interior architect Erik Remmers of Art 2 Go Interieur projecten has devised a beautiful pattern of black and white unglazed hexagon mosaic tiles for buffet restaurant Lucky Apple in Waalwijk. Together with Erik we discussed how the drawing of this pattern could best be supplied to

Download your new TMF® catalogue

With pride we present to you the 4th edition already of the TMF® mosaic catalogue. Like in the editions before with many new items. We have managed to keep the same amount of pages, which means we have also discontinued some items. All the over 250 items in this catalogue, are regular stock items! New

New office, showroom and warehouse

Since the end of December we are located in Nistelrode. We now work from a much more current building with modern facilities and a good (much  better) working environment. Please come and visit our showroom. Here we can show you much more than we are able to show on our website or in our collection

Bespoke floordesign and more…

At the end of August was the reopening of Cafe Thomas in Eindhoven. To the drawing of the interior architect we have made a floor pattern made of the TMF® 48x48mm unglazed porcelain mosaic and we supplied the mosaic and tiles for the walls in the hall and toilet. For the wall the architect has

TMF mosaic on HEMA’s pizza ovens

The international department stores of the from origin Dutch retailorganisation HEMA are doing  a pilot with a pizza oven in their restaurants. At this moment there are 5 stores (in Belgium, The Netherlands and Germany) with a pizza oven while using the Red glossy Pennyround from the TMF Venice range.  Our glazed (and unlgazed) mosiacs

Meet us in Bologna next week

In 2017, for its 35th edition, Cersaie has chosen to have two different images in order to draw attention to its two main product sectors: ceramic tiles and bathroom furnishings. Of course, you will find us in the ceramic tiles section! We have meetings planned in the CS area between hall 21 and 31. If you would like to meet us,

Your parcel becomes a present!

Your parcel becomes a present with the new and stylish packaging from The Mosaic Factory. As we are sending more and more parcels all over Europe, we have developed a parcelbox in which we can send 2 (porcelain) or 3 (glass) cartons. By limiting it on these quantities, the boxes are never over 20 kg

TMF on YouTube

We have updated our YouTube channel! Besides “How to install mosaic” videos, we have our own video with an impression of our appearance during Design District 2016. We want to share this video with you, so you will get a good impression about what you can expect from us during Material Xperience om 6 till 10 February

Custom made Green mix

For one of our European customers we have designed a special mix of 2″ Hexagon glazed porcelain mosaics. We have taken 3 colours out of the 23 which we can offer and made a random mix in equal percentages. Interested in coloured hexagon mosaic? Contact us for your (special) request at info@bastiaan

New mosaic display!

We have developed a stylish display on which you can show over 40 types of our mosaic. On each pin you can put 4 (ceramic) or 5 (glass) types of mosaic. Interested in such a display? Contact us by sending an email to This display has 2 sides. One side with 8 pins for “small

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