4x a luxurious bathroom with mosaics

Your bathroom should be the one spot in your home where you can completely relax. In need of a place where you can totally unwind? Go for a bathroom with a calm, but luxurious atmosphere. With mosaics you easily create such an atmosphere, especially when you opt for more exclusive tiles. Add some gold details to this basis and your luxurious bathroom is ready for use. Get inspired by the beautiful bathrooms below, which all include our mosaics!

Custom designs

It obviously does not get any more exclusive than a custom-made pattern with mosaics! Although we designed this pattern for the toilets of a hotel in Amsterdam, we can create some similar for your home. Our extended range of mosaics enables us to design all kinds of patterns, suitable for both the wall and floor of your bathroom!

Glass mosaics

Our Amsterdam collection includes glass mosaics in nearly seventy colours, divided over three series. Each of these series is characterized by an exclusive detail. This bathroom for example shows mosaics from the Gold-series, which have veins of real gold. If you prefer something more subtle, you can also opt for glass mosaics with a pearl finish.

Foto via Instagram @huisje.vol.liefde.56


Mosaics processed across the entire wall looks beautiful, but you might find the bathrooms above a bit too much. In that case you can opt for mosaics with a more neutral colour, like white. With those tiles you add structure to the room, while maintaining a peaceful atmosphere. A gold tap completes your luxurious bathroom!

Foto via Instagram @mawi_tegels

Marble mosaics

Marble obviously is essential to a luxurious bathroom! Our marble hexagon mosaics are printed with an inkjet-coating and thus feel a bit rougher. These tiles even have a non-slip rating of R9 and are therefore very suitable for use on your bathroom floor. These mosaics are available in two sizes, of which these are the larger ones.   

Foto via Instagram @samengestyled_huisje_81
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