Interior inspiration: stylish hexagon

Hexagon remains a popular tile shape, also for mosaics. We therefore extended our assortment with lots of hexagon mosaics these last years: you’ll find this shape in our Barcelona, Valencia and London collection, in various colours and sizes. Read more about our hexagon tiles below and get inspired for your next project!


The Valencia collection consists entirely of hexagon tiles. These mosaics are made of at least 87% recycled glass and thus are a very sustainable option. The Valencia collection includes hexagon mosaics in seven stunning colours, like turquoise, mustard yellow and burgundy. In addition, you can opt for two variants: a mix of matt and glossy or just matt tiles.

Processing the Valencia mosaics requires a little more attention than processing other mosaics, since their sustainable nature and composition causes these tiles to break more easily. We therefore recommend you to check beforehand if the tiles contain any hairline cracks. You should also use a water-cooled diamond saw while processing these mosaics, since cutting can lead to breakage.


The Barcelona collection includes various hexagon tiles, in three sizes. You can opt for all uni colours, like black and white, but also for earth tones and pastel shades. In addition, you will find hexagon mosaics with a marble look and metal-coating in the Barcelona collection. The marble look tiles are equipped with an inkjet-printed coating, which makes these mosaics a bit rougher and therefore suitable as floor tile (anti-slip class R9).

The Barcelona collection also offers a beautiful bronze hexagon tile. This tile has a special metallic-coating, which does not well stand acids. We therefore recommend you to avoid products that contain acids when cleaning these tiles. We also advise against using these hexagon mosaics in wet areas, like the bathroom.


The London mosaics are made of unglazed full body porcelain and are coloured through and through. These mosaics are therefore very suitable as floor tile (anti-slip class R11/C). The London collection includes hexagon tiles in two sizes, available in various colours and even standard patterns, like mosaics with a flower pattern.

We often use the London mosaics for bespoke designs, where we process the tiles in a custom made floor pattern. Almost any kind of pattern is possible; we can even include a logo in the floor. Want to know more? Read this blog!  

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