New metallic mosaics!

We added new mosaics to the Metal series! Hexagon and square, in gold and silver. All new metallic mosaics have a matt finish, like the bronze hexagon from this series. Fell in love instantly? The new mosaics are now available from stock, so be quick to order your favourite!

Update 31 January 2024: due to quality issues, we only carry the AFH13b and AM23SR in our collection.

Hexagon gold – two sizes

Hexagon is no stranger to the Metal series. In fact, the bronze hexagon with thicker edge is one of our bestsellers. We therefore added no less than two metallic hexagon tiles to the series. Both are matt gold, in a big and smaller size.

Square – silver and gold

Square isn’t a new shape to the series either. Square gold and rose gold were already available, both with glossy finish. The new mosaics have a matt finish, however, and come in gold and silver. Matt gold also tends to yellow gold and stands out more than the glossy variant.


Metallic mosaics will catch the eye and thus are perfect to add accents in a design. When applied on walls, for example, but also when incorporated into customized mosaics patterns. Instead of whole sheets, we would only use a few loose stones for the pattern.


The coating of these mosaics is quite sensitive. We therefore strongly advise against cleaning them with products that contain acids. Use natural cleaning products instead, like green soap. Also make sure to dry the mosaics when they get wet, since chalk can damage the grout.

All new metallic mosaics are now available from stock. Prefer a free sample first? Send an e-mail to!

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