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mosaics for your dream home

We believe any home should include mosaics. They provide a sense of luxury and refinement in an easy and accessible way. And since mosaics are available in so many shapes and colours, they blend in seamlessly with all interior styles. Find the perfect tile for your style and finish your dream home with mosaics!

We work with designers and architects all over the world, in addition to our extensive dealer network. So, although private homeowners can’t buy mosaics directly from us, they still have access to them by designers or dealers. We have therefore seen many examples of our mosaics in private homes, with often creative and surprising results.

When we think of mosaics in private homes, we often think about the bathroom and kitchen. But mosaics can be applied in nearly any space. The hallway and living room, for example, and even outdoors. We have collected the best designs for you, so have a look and get inspired to include mosaics in your home!


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