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Any kitchen design should be completed with mosaics. They make the perfect kitchen backsplash but are also great to cover an island. With mosaics you easily add an interesting detail to the design. Whether it’s a pop of colour or extra texture to the wall, mosaics counterbalance the plain surfaces of the kitchen cabinets.

Porcelain mosaics won’t be affected by splashes and drips from cooking. That’s why they are the ideal backsplash: practical yet pretty. When applying mosaics on the kitchen wall, we advise using an epoxy grout to protect the joints from damage. Furthermore, we advise against using our metallic mosaics as kitchen backsplash. Their coating is quite sensitive and therefore does not well-stand cleaning acids.

Does your kitchen design include an island? We often see them covered with mosaics. If the island has rounded edges, we advise using the kitkat fingers. These trendy mosaics are quite small and therefore well-suited for tiling curved surfaces.

Image by Marit Saladini & Libelle

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