Glass mosaics

The Amsterdam collection includes glass mosaics in nearly seventy colours, divided into three series. In this collection you will find glass mosaics in all uni colours, but also more luxurious tiles: the Gold-series for example offers tiles with veins of real gold. Read more about our exclusive glass mosaics below.


The Amsterdam glass mosaics have a size of 20x20x4 millimetres, with joints of only one and a half millimetres. These tiles can therefore be processed really sleek, which causes the stunning colours to stand out even more. The Amsterdam collection has a clear Italian style: made of pasta glass, with a classic, squared shape. The mosaics are delivered in boxes of ten sheets, which equals 1,04 square feet per box.


These glass mosaics are very suitable as wall tile, but can also be used on floors of barefooted areas, like bathrooms. In addition, these mosaics are often used in swimming pools. These tiles are chlorine resistant and can therefore be processed in swimming pools without any problems.

Bespoke designs

We deliver a lot of bespoke designs: custom patterns made of mosaics, including all kinds of figures, logos, etcetera. We often use our Amsterdam collection for these designs, where we even combine multiple tiles from different series. Want to know more about this service? Read our blog.

Click here for the online catalogue of the Amsterdam-collection

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