Restaurant Ruby Rose in Utrecht

A floor that stands out

No better place to wine and dine than at Ruby Rose in Utrecht! The food is great, the wines are delicious, and you’ll sit on the prettiest floor you’ve ever seen. We supplied that floor a few years ago and it is still one of our favourite projects. It includes a striking pattern and the logo of Ruby Rose, which we cut out of a ceramic floor tile. Read more about this project below!

Pattern and logo

The pattern was made with mosaics from our London range. These full body, unglazed porcelain mosaics are very suitable for high traffic floors and have a non-slip rating of R11/C. We used the small hexagon in black (LOH2017) and white (LOH2010), with a size of 23x26x5 millimetres. The logo was cut out of a black ceramic floor tile using a waterjet.

We supply these custom floors on numbered sheets, with a layout scheme and instructions for the tiler. Nearly anything is possible when it comes down to bespoke designs, we only need a clear picture or drawing of the pattern.

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