London collection

TMF London collection

Unglazed resistant and durable porcelain mosaic tiles with R11 nonslip rating.

The TMF London Collection is a durable unglazed porcelain mosaic tile that can be used both on walls and floors, inside and outside. The individual mosaic tiles have a flat matt surface with sharp edge and corner details. The colouring of the body of every mosaic tile is through and through. 

The TMF London mosaic is made of a very hardwearing and dense material. The technical credentials suit to virtually any situation, even in wetted and working area (Class C, R11).

In this collection you will find square and pennyround mosaics in uni colours and the square also mixed. The popular hexagon floor mosaic you will find in uni colours, mixes and patterns.

If you rather have your own design or mix, just let us know your wishes!

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