Recycled glass mosaics

The Valencia mosaics are made of at least 87% recycled glass and therefore a very sustainable choice. The Valencia collection includes mosaics in seven stunning colours, like turquoise, mustard and burgundy. Read more about these sustainable glass mosaics below.


The Valencia mosaics are made of recycled glass and available in two variants: a mix of matt and glossy or only matt tiles. The mix can be used on the wall, the matt variant is also suitable as floor tile in barefooted areas, like the bathroom. The Valencia mosaics are delivered in boxes of eleven sheets, which equals one square feet per box.


Thanks to their composition, the Valencia mosaics are more prone to breaking than our other mosaics. It is therefore important the tiles are checked on hair cracks before processing them, since these cracks can lead to breakage. It is also of importance a water-cooled diamond saw is used when processing these mosaics, since cutting can also lead to breakage.

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