Mosaics for exterior use

The versatile Barcelona collection includes mosaics in various colours, shapes and sizes. Think of hexagon mosaics in three sizes, available in every uni colour and multiple trend colours, like marble, bronze and pastel shades. Read more about this special collection below.


The Barcelona mosaics are made of glazed porcelain and are frost resistant. This collection includes mosaics in three shapes: hexagon (three sizes), rectangular and squared (two sizes). The tiles are delivered in boxes of ten sheets, with the exception of the Metal-series: these mosaics are only delivered per sheet.


The Barcelona tiles are frost resistant and can therefore also be used outdoors. The glossy mosaics are only suitable as wall tile, but the matt variants can also be used on floors of barefooted areas, like the bathroom (Class I EN14411). The marble tiles are printed with an inkjet-coating and thus are a bit rougher (non-slip rating R9).


The Barcelona collection is very extensive in terms of colours. All uni colours are available, but also more trendy shades, like pastel, marble and bronze. The tiles of the Metal-series have a special coating, which does not well-stand acids. We also advise against using these tiles in wet areas.

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