Pennyround mosaics

The Venice collection completely consists of pennyround mosaics. These tiles make a fun and playful alternative to standard tile shapes, like squared or hexagon. The Venice mosaics are available in twenty colours, ranging from bright red- and orange to trendy pastel shades. Read more about these pennyround mosaics below.


The Venice mosaics are made of glazed porcelain. The tiles have a diameter of 19 millimetres and a thickness of 5,5 millimetres. Most of these tiles have a glossy finish, but there are also some matt variants available. The Venice mosaics are delivered in boxes of ten sheets, which equals 0,93 square feet per box.


The glossy mosaics from the Venice collection are only suitable as wall tile. The matt tiles can also be used on floors of barefooted areas, like the bathroom. In addition, the Venice mosaics are very suitable for tiling curved surfaces, like desks or kitchen counters. Where bigger tiles require you to make a sharp edge, the Venice mosaics enable a softer angle.  

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