Venice collection: Pennyround mosaics

The Venice collection is characterized by pennyround mosaics, available in many bright colours, like orange, red and yellow, but also in softer pastel shades, like light blue and light green. The Venice collection makes a fun and good alternative for standard mosaic shapes, because these pennyround mosaics look really good and are very suitable for tiling curved surfaces. Read more about these pennyround mosaics below!

Material and size

Mosaics from the Venice collection are made of glazed porcelain. The pennyround mosaics have a diameter of 19 millimetres and a thickness of 5 millimetres. This means these tiles are kind of chunky, which adds to their playful effect. The Venice collection includes mostly glossy mosaics, but also has two matt variants.


Regarding colour, the Venice collection has to offer something for anyone. These pennyround mosaics come in various bright colours, but also in softer pastel shades and some neutral tones. For example, you can opt for yellow, red, orange, beige, light grey, white, black, light green and blue grey. You can also choose for a mix consisting out of different shades of grey, which adds extra detail to the tiles when they are processed. For the Venice mosaics applies as well that the colour grout largely determines what the end result will look like. If you have any questions about this, please feel free to contact us.

Use and application

The pennyround mosaics from the Venice collection are very suitable for use on the wall. The matt variant can also be used as floor tile in barefooted areas, like bed- and bathrooms. Since these mosaics are relatively small, they are very suited for tiling curved surfaces, like front desks or kitchen counters. Where bigger mosaics require you to make a sharp edge around the corners, the pennyround mosaics enable you to make a softer angle.  

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