Valencia collection: Mosaics in trendy colours, like turquoise, khaki and mustard

The Valencia collection is characterized by hexagon mosaics in the most stunning colours, like mustard, burgundy and turquoise. These mosaics are also made out of recycled glass, which makes them very sustainable. The Valencia collection comes in two variants: a mix of matt and glossy tiles or just matt tiles, which are also suited for use on the floor. Read more about this colourful and sustainable collection below!


The Valencia mosaics include at least 87% recycled glass. This collection therefore is more sustainable, but also more fragile than our other mosaics. This applies in particular to the glossy tiles, which means these mosaics need to be well checked for hairline cracks. When a tile with hairline cracks is processed, it will most likely break. In addition, its important that only a water-cooled diamond saw is used while processing these mosaics, since cutting will lead to breakage. Click here for more information about processing the Valencia mosaics.

Colours and shapes

The Valencia mosaics are available in seven trendy colours: turquoise, burgundy, pink, mustard, white, khaki and blue. Besides the white Valencia, all these colours come in a mix of matt and glossy tiles or in just matt tiles. These mosaics have a beautiful hexagon shape, which makes them stand out even more. The tiles have size of 43x49x5 millimetres.

Use and application

Since the Valencia mix is relatively prone to scratching and breaking, these mosaics can only be used as wall tiles. The matt tiles can also be used on floors, but only in barefooted areas, like bed- and bathrooms. Just as is the case for almost any other tile, the colour grout is crucial for what the end result of the Valencia mosaics will look like. A contrasting colour can be beautiful, but grout in the same colour as the tile can look amazing as well. If you would like to see some examples of this, please contact us.

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