Mosaic sustainable packed

The Mosaic Factory boxes are now filled with our mosaic and carton waste… Mosaic sending as a package is a challenge. The material is naturally susceptible to breakage. If mosaic has to be send as a package, this has to be done in a proper way. Until recently, our boxes were filled with bubble wrap

Mosaic design with recycled window glass

Video on Dutch television regarding sustainable material for interiordesign. Fortunately, the demand for sustainable materials is increasing. We are therefore happy that we can contribute to this.In this video, however, it is not only about the Valencia series that is made of at least 87% recycled window glass, but also about the effect of a

Download your new TMF® catalogue

With pride we present to you the 4th edition already of the TMF® mosaic catalogue. Like in the editions before with many new items. We have managed to keep the same amount of pages, which means we have also discontinued some items. All the over 250 items in this catalogue, are regular stock items! New

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