Hospitality mosaic inspiration

THE PERFECT ADDITION TO YOUR PROJECT There are many ways mosaics can be incorporated into a restaurant, café, or hotel. The obvious choice might be the walls, but we personally love a bespoke floor design. Completely customized, with a pattern or logo. Mosaics are the finishing touch to any hospitality design, so make sure to

Private homes inspiration

mosaics for your dream home We believe any home should include mosaics. They provide a sense of luxury and refinement in an easy and accessible way. And since mosaics are available in so many shapes and colours, they blend in seamlessly with all interior styles. Find the perfect tile for your style and finish your

Kitchen inspiration

THE PERFECT MOSAICS FOR YOUR KITCHEN DESIGn Any kitchen design should be completed with mosaics. They make the perfect kitchen backsplash but are also great to cover an island. With mosaics you easily add an interesting detail to the design. Whether it’s a pop of colour or extra texture to the wall, mosaics counterbalance the

Bathrooms with mosaic inspiration

THE RIGHTTILE FOR EVERY bathroom style! Mosaics are the perfect addition to any bathroom. They can enhance a certain style or add extra detail in terms of colour and texture to the design. Besides, mosaics can be applied nearly anywhere in the bathroom. Behind the sink, in the shower, on the floor, or in a

Inspiration for your mosaic needs

Inspiration for your mosaic needs Mosaics aren’t bound to any space or style. They are versatile and great to play around and experiment with. For instance, kitkat mosaics look just as good in a minimalistic kitchen as they do in a contemporary bathroom. And glass mosaics are just as suitable for a traditional design as

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