SEF12115 Kitkat Mini Soft White

Glossy, soft white, rectangular mosaic tile, a little narrower and shorter than it’s big brother, the Kitkat mini! This Kitkat Mosaic is extremely suited for wall application and for tiling organic shapes, for instance a kitchen bar or a hospitality counter.

CAUTION: Each sheet of SEF12115 has two directions due to the glaze coating, with each side looking different (see photos). This is similar to a rug where, from one side, you look against the poles and from the other side you look through/with the poles.

Prior to processing, lay all sheets in the same direction. Double-check during processing that each sheet is applied in the same direction for an even surface from both left and right.

This instruction with demonstrating photos will be delivered with the SEF12115.

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Joint size


M² / carton

Mosaic size


Sheet size

Weight per M²

14,94 kg per M²

Weight per unit

13,00 kg per carton