Restaurant de Walvis

Mosaics as an accent

A new interior for restaurant De Walvis in Zoutelande! Located near the North Sea, the interior had to include some fresh shades of blue. That is why design studio Lavoir went with the turquoise kitkat mosaics! These mosaic fingers were applied on pillars, as a striking detail in the design. It shows how mosaics are perfect to create an accent or add a pop of colour!

Kitkat mosaics

Kitkat mosaics are extremely versatile when it comes down to appliance. Horizontal, vertical, and even in a herringbone pattern – anything is possible. These mosaics are even suitable for tiling round surfaces, like a bar or pole. We offer them in lots of colours and sizes, so make sure to check out the Sevilla collection for the full range.

Interested in using more mosaics for your next project? We offer custom work too! Think of bespoke floor designs or striking wall patterns. Contact us for more information or look at some of our other projects for inspiration.

Design by Projectinrichting Lavoir
Photography by Josegrafie

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