Oikoa massage boutique in Zwolle

An invitation to leave the outer world behind

Concrete Amsterdam has designed this massage boutique as a serene space where guests can focus on themselves. This was achieved by turning the existing extroverted glass cube inside out and placing the organic shaped central space at the heart of the building, with the treatment rooms situated on the perimeter. Guests enter directly into the core of the boutique; a warm introspective space lined with multiple curved walls.

Two serene coloured Kitkat Mosaic Fingers

Bright white and pine green emphasize the natural and harmonious environment of the massage salon. Our Glossy White speckled Kitkat (SEF20100) is applied on the organic shaped counters in the entrance space. And our Glossy Green Speckled Kitkat (SEF20550) is used as the backsplash in the massage treatment area.

Concrete Amsterdam has created this beautiful serene space and is the winner of Archilovers Best Project 2022.

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