Hotel Park Centraal in Amsterdam

An eye-catching wall

A few years ago, we were contacted by design studio Matter of Space in Amsterdam. They were working on a hotel project and asked us for a custom mosaic design. Together we made this eye-catching wall pattern, applied in the hotel restroom. Using no less than seven types of glass mosaics, we undoubtedly created the perfect instagrammable design.

Glass mosaics

This pattern includes seven colours of the Amsterdam Basic series, like light brown (GM31), cream (GM32), and black (GM14B). We went with glass mosaics for several reasons. Because they are affordable and available in so many colours, but mostly because they are quite thin and therefore very suitable for tiling rounded surfaces, as we see on top of this wall.

We supply these custom patterns on numbered mosaic sheets, with a layout scheme and instructions for the tiler. When it comes down to custom work, almost anything is possible. We just need a clear picture or drawing of the pattern and then we’ll take care of the rest.

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