Paris collection: Special mosaics for all lovers of black and white

The Paris collection includes mosaics in the most special shapes. Think of tiles shaped like an eastern lantern, cubic and even a pinwheel. Regarding colour, the Paris collection is a lot more simple. This collection contains mostly black and white mosaics, with the exception of the Picket and Metro series. Read more about this remarkable collection below!

Material and use

The Paris mosaics are made of glazed porcelain and thus very suitable as wall tile, for example in the bathroom or on the back wall of your kitchen. The glossy mosaics from the Paris collection are prone to scratching, so we advise against using these mosaics on floors. Matt mosaics are less sensitive to scratching and can therefore be used on floors of barefooted areas, like bed- and bathrooms. The Paris Rectangle and Paris Picket can be placed both horizontally and vertically.


The Paris collection is divided into different series, with each series having its own contemporary and unique shape. The collection for example includes black and white mosaics that together blend into a pinwheel, basket weave and octagon. In addition, you can choose for mosaics with a herringbone, rectangular, brick-like and cubic shape. The Paris Cubic mosaics are particularly liked by designers, since these tiles give a special 3D-effect when processed. The Paris Picket mosaics are relatively new to our assortment and have a playful, stretched hexagon shape.


As versatile the Paris mosaics are regarding shape, as simple they are in colour. Most of the series contain only black, white and grey mosaics, with the exception of the Metro and Picket series. These series are available in various colours, like grey green, light pink, blue and taupe. The colour grout always has a great influence on what the end result looks like, but this applies even more for black and white mosaics. If you opt for a bright colour grout, the mosaics show a beautiful contrast, while grout in the same colour as the tiles contributes to a more calm and sleek look.

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