NEW – kitkat mini’s!

Maybe you have already seen them pass by on our Instagram or at our stand during Architect@Work: the kitkat mini’s! This beautiful tile can be seen as the little brother of the Sevilla kitkat fingers we introduced a few months ago. The kitkat mini will be available from January in six different colours: matt white, glossy white, glossy black, glossy grey blue with speckles, glossy azure blue with speckles and glossy light green with speckles. Read more about this stunning newcomer below!

Smaller size and joint

The kitkat mini’s have a size of 12x92x8 millimetres. This means they are just as thick, but a lot smaller and shorter than the ‘standard’ Sevilla kitkat fingers, which have a size of 20x145x8 millimetres. The size of the joint also differs: the mini’s have a joint of 2,5 millimetres, while the standard fingers have a joint of 3,0 millimetres. This means the mini’s are placed a lot tighter and closer together than the standard Sevilla mosaics.

Melee effect

The two tiles do not only differ in size, but also in how the surface is rounded. The standard kitkat is hollow, while the kitkat mini has a kind of bubble on top. Because of this bubble, the melee effect of the mosaics comes forth more strongly. This effect can be seen best on the mini’s with speckles, so the azure blue, light green and grey blue fingers.

Other specifics

The Sevilla kitkat mini’s are made of high quality glazed porcelain and are water and frost resistant. The mini’s will look stunning on a wall, but they are also very suited for the tiling of curves, like counters, bars and kitchen units. When the kitkat mosaics are used on a straight wall, they can be placed both horizontally and vertically. On curved surfaces they can be placed best in a vertical way.

If you have any questions regarding the kitkat mini’s or if you would like to receive some free samples, please send an e-mail to!

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