New Barcelona mosaics – Rectangular!

We are starting this month with some good news: we extended our kitkat mosaics with a mini-variant and we added a completely new tile to our Barcelona-collection. The kitkat mini’s are already in stock and the new Barcelona mosaics will soon be too. This new tile has a rectangular shape, a form we only limitedly offered before. Below you will read all about the size, colours and use of the new Barcelona mosaics!

The Barcelona-collection

Our Barcelona-collection includes mosaics in all kinds of colours, shapes and sizes. Think of square tiles in different sizes, available in all uni colours with both matt and glossy coatings. The Barcelona-collection also includes hexagon mosaics in various trendy colours, like marble, bronze and pastel shades. To make this collection even more versatile, we now added a rectangular tile as well. We expect the new Barcelona mosaics to be in stock in week 9.

New shape

Although we already offered a few other rectangular mosaics, like the Paris Metro series, a more minimalistic variant was not yet available. We therefore opted for completely white tiles with a size of 45×145 millimetres, with a glossy or matt finish. These minimalistic mosaics can be combined in multiple ways and thus fit in different interior styles.

Use and application

The matt variant of the new Barcelona tile can be processed on both the wall and the floor. The glossy variant is a bit more prone to scratching and therefore only suited for use on the wall. The tile has a relatively simple style and can therefore be combined with grout in almost any colour. Opt for grey for a Scandinavian look or for white when you fancy a more modern design.  

If you want to know more about these rectangular mosaics or if you would like to receive some free samples, please sent an e-mail to!

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