Mosaics in the swimming pool: a dream for every lover of design!

A dream of many, reality for just a few: a swimming pool with mosaics. A private pool is of course a luxury at its own, but mosaics add extra wealth to the pool. Almost every tile of The Mosaic Factory is suitable for use in swimming pools and the possibilities are endless: custom made patterns, tiling curved surfaces, etcetera. Read all about the use of our mosaics in swimming pools below!

Mosaics in the water

Every tile of The Mosaic Factory faces a series of tests, so we can say for sure that almost all our mosaics are water-resistant. This means we have a wide range of colours, sizes and textures for mosaics in swimming pools. We recommend you to take a look at our glass mosaics, like the Amsterdam-collection. Glass mosaics reflect the water, which gives an extra splendid effect to the pool.

Suitable for curved surfaces

The Amsterdam-collection consists out of different series. For example the Gold-series contains mosaics with veins made out of real gold and the Pearl-series contains mosaics with pearl effect. Every tile of this collection has a size of 20x20x4 millimetres, which makes them very suitable for curved surfaces. Think of use for the stairs or the curve from the floor to the wall of the swimming pool.

Custom made patterns

The possibilities for mosaics in swimming pools are endless. The Mosaic Factory offers tiles in various colours, shapes and textures, but we can also provide you with custom made mosaics. Examples of this are unique patterns, logos or even pictures in mosaics. This means we can create almost anything you wish for, mostly with use of the  Amsterdam-, Barcelona- or London-collection. You can find some examples of projects with bespoke designs here.

The Mosaic Factory has already supplied mosaics for various swimming pools. You will find some pictures of a project with a unique and custom made pattern below. If you have any questions regarding the use of mosaics in a swimming pool, please contact us!

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