Mosaic sustainable packed

The Mosaic Factory boxes are now filled with our mosaic and carton waste…

Mosaic sending as a package is a challenge. The material is naturally susceptible to breakage. If mosaic has to be send as a package, this has to be done in a proper way.

Until recently, our boxes were filled with bubble wrap to absorb the impact of the box and to prevent the material in the outer box from sliding.

We noticed that the number of parcels we are sending was increasing, so was the number of times we needed to order the rolls of bubble wrap. Of course it is great to see our sales increasing, but with all the parcels we also send a lot of plastic into the world. That didn’t feel right.

Therefor we bought a carton shredder. With this shredder we make impact resistant filling material from packaging that comes to us. Untill now these boxes we received, ended up as waste in the waste bin.

In addition to the carton the comes to us, we also collect it from our neighbors, so they no longer have to have it removed.

On the total scale of the plastic problem, this has only very little impact. But we say: “every bit helps!”

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