Mosaic is Topical again!

Mosaic is topical again!

In the recent years there is often opted for the safe ” crisis ” combination of white wall till and anthracite floor tile. A safe, timeless combination, but in colour of course uninspiring.

Fortunately, there are more and more interior designers who promote the use of colour and increasingly they are promoting the use of mosaic. Mosaic is indeed very easy to process in an existing situation. It provides colour without a lot of chopping and crushing. Of course, it is even easier when all is new.

Trendy colours are blue, green and yellow, but also combinations with brown and gold are topic. If you apply this in combination with the existing grey and white tones, you will get an up to date and fresh total.

Dare to choose colour ! Your bathroom and toilet revamp of it and look a lot more cheerful !

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