Mosaic ideas on TMF’s Pinterest page

Looking for inspiration? Would you like to get ideas of what is possible with mosaic? Visit us on Pinterest. Om our page TMF on Pinterest we have images of all kinds of mosaic applications. Wether the use of mosaic in the kitchen, bathroom or any other room in and around the house, on the floor or on the wall, on this page you will find several exemples of applications.

In terms of layout of the page, we looked at the type of mosaic what is used. We have made moodboards of all shapes of mosaic which The Mosaic Factory had in her program. For example, you would like to know houw Pennyround mosaic looks like after processing, then you take a look on the moodboard “Pennyround Mosaic Ideas”. Such pictures are showing of course much more than just a product image.

The different moodboards are showing the many applications of mosaic. Applications in combination with other tiles, a space with noting but mosaic and beautiful patterns (which The Mosaic Factory can offer too!). Mosaic in newly completed projects, but also as an ideal renovation product. After all, you can easily combine mosaic with existing tiles.

So, are you intersted in interiors in which mosaic is processed and would you like to stay up to date with the trends on mosaic? Visit and follow The Mosaic Factory on Pinterest!

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