Kit-kat mosaic, first project images

Mosaic fingers glossy white used in a German ice-cream parlour

A few months ago we introduced a new series to our assortment: the Sevilla ‘kitkat’ mosaics. The unique shape of these tiles resemble the form of the well-known chocolate bars and so the series earned their nickname ‘kitkat’. The Sevilla tiles are available in multiple eye-catching colours, like turquoise, yellow and terra red. For those who are a bit hesitant about the use of such striking colours, we also added some more neutral tones, like grey, black and white. Discover the beauty of the TMF Sevilla mosaic below, used at Saloesso in Uelsen, Germany. Saloesso went for the Glossy White fingers, which look absolutely stunning in the ice-cream parlour!  

Design by Interior vitamins by order of Valkdesign

Photo’s by Interior vitamins (please note these images are not for private use)

TMF® partner in this project: Estere Ceramica

Item on the images: Sevilla kitkat mosaic glossy white, item number SEF20100

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