Hexagon tiles

Six-sided or honeycomb mosaics

We organized all our hexagon tiles in this category, to give you a clear representation of all our hexagon mosaics. A lot of our collections include mosaics with a hexagon shape, like the complete Valencia collection and a big part of the Barcelona collection. You can opt for multiple sizes and various colours, like soft pastel shades or really bright colours. Read more about our hexagon tiles below.

Collections & materials

The Barcelona, Valencia and London collections include mosaics with a hexagon shape. The hexagon tiles from the Valencia collection are made out of recycled glass. The small hexagon tiles from the London collection are made out of unglazed porcelain and have a nonslip rating, which makes these mosaics really suitable as floor tiles. The hexagon mosaics from the Barcelona collection are made out of glazed porcelain.

Colours and sizes

Our assortment includes hexagon tiles in various colours. The London collection offers different shades of black and white hexagon tiles, with a size of 23x26x5 or 51x59x6 millimetres. The Valencia mosaics are available in seven trendy colours and have a size of 43x49x5 millimetres. The Barcelona collection includes hexagon tiles in three different sizes: 23x26x6, 51x59x6 or 95x110x6.5, available in uni colours, pastel shades, marble-look and even bronze.

Use and application

All our hexagon mosaics can be used on walls, but not all of them are suitable for use on the floor. Some of our hexagon tiles have a glossy finish, which makes them prone to scratching and thus not suitable as floor tile. The matt mosaics from the Valencia and Barcelona collection are less sensitive to scratching and can therefore be processed on floors of barefooted areas, like bed- and bathrooms. If you would like to apply hexagon mosaics on high traffic floors, we advise you to use our London mosaics.

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