Garden transformation – Geenen Gardening does a wonderful job, for our yard and for society!

Two years ago we moved from Renkum to our current headquarters in Nistelrode. Quite a job, since we also moved our warehouse. We are now all settled in, so we figured it was time to tackle our front yard. After all, this yard is the first thing clients see when they visit our showroom. We therefore asked the guys from Geenen Gardening to help us out. Read more about this wonderful company and the end result below!

Our headquarters

The headquarters and warehouse of TMF are located in Nistelrode, next to the A50. A great location, with more than enough storage space, an office and a showroom. The building also has a big front yard, but we did not properly garden it the past years. A shame, because this yard is the first thing visitors see of TMF. We therefore decided to tackle it and turn it into something beautiful.

Geenen Gardening

Geenen Gardening is a landscaping company that works with people with a psychical or mental disability. Gardening therefore is their core business; the guys coming along are just icing on the cake. Geenen Gardening works with a maximum of three people in the garden, so Hein, co-owner and landscaper, can pay enough attention to his employees. This means the company gets no or minimal fee for their employees. A beautiful initiative and thus the perfect landscaping company for our garden project!

The end result

The guys and Hein have been working in our front yard for two days. The first day they got rid of all the old plants, the second day they used a digger, put in gravel and planted all of our new plants. We are very happy with the end result and want to thank all the employees for their hard work. You will find an impression of the project below.