Natural Stone

A warm look with natural stone

Natural stone is a stunning product and gives every interior a warm, calm and rustic look. That’s why natural stone mosaics look amazing in for example the bathroom, where they ensure a relaxed and serene atmosphere. We offer multiple natural stone mosaic tiles, in various neutral colours. Read more about this collection and the application below!


Natural stone is a generic term for different kinds of stone. We offer you natural stone mosaics made from marble and river stone. Marble is naturally a porous material and thus needs to be impregnated with a solution that is suitable for natural stone. River stone is not porous, but these stones are uneven in hight. This means you need more joint when processing river stone mosaics, which attracts dirt quite easily.

Shapes and colours

You can opt for two shapes of natural stone mosaics: pebbles and squares. The marble pebbles are even in height and are available in ivory, grey and dark grey. The river stone pebbles are uneven in height and come in ivory, dark grey and tan. When you prefer the squared natural stone mosaics, you can choose between white, beige and black. The squared tiles are even in height and have equal joints, unlike the pebbles.

Use and application

Natural stone mosaics are often used in bathrooms, where they contribute a lot to the rustic appearance of the space. If the marble tiles are processed in a place where they get wet a lot, like in the shower, they generally need more maintenance. If you therefor opt for the river stone pebbles, you do need to keep in mind that these tiles are uneven and thus are less comfortable to stand on. If you have any questions regarding the use and maintenance of natural stone mosaics, please feel free to contact us for advice.

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