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UCI Union Ceramics International B.V.

UCI Union Ceramics International specializes in the production, logistics and design of mosaics for over 25 years. The collections we offer are always produced according to our specifications and thus in a responsible manner. TMF® (The Mosaic Factory) is a brand of UCI. The headquarters, European warehouse and extended showroom of TMF® are located in Nistelrode, next to the A50. In addition, TMF® takes part in the Architecten Showroom Amsterdam and has a Quality and Sourcing Office in Singapore.

Mission & Vision

We believe that when working together, we can make projects more beautiful and distinctive – that’s why our motto is ‘Let’s make something beautiful!’. Our mosaics are perfect for this task: they are versatile, of high quality and very affordable. Besides, the possibilities of what we can create with our mosaics are endless. We offer custom made designs with all kinds of patterns and we can even process an image or photo in mosaics. This way we can satisfy all our clients’ needs and therefore contribute to their success. This is how we eventually hope to become the best supplier of mosaics in Europe, in which we will always work according to the following principles:

  • A deal’s a deal
  • We aim for long-term relationships
  • A quick response to every question
  • A fair product for a fair price
  • Correct deliveries in solid packaging
  • Flexibility regarding our client’s wishes
  • An assortment that is regularly updated
  • Our client’s success is key


Our mission can only succeed when we offer the right assortment of mosaics. Our collections are therefore carefully put together, with lots of attention paid to shape, colour and material. Our assortment mosaics consists out of the following collections:

TMF® Valencia Collection

Our Valencia mosaics include at least 87% recycled glass and thus are particularly sustainable. These mosaics have a hexagon shape and are available in seven trendy colours, including turquoise, pink and khaki. You can choose for a mix of matt and glossy tiles or only matt tiles. The mix is only suitable for use on walls; the matt variant can also be used on floors of barefooted areas. On request we also offer bespoke mixes of the Valencia collection. 

TMF® Amsterdam Collection

These quartz glass mosaics are available in over seventy different colours. In addition, the Amsterdam mosaics have joints of only 1,5 millimetres, sharp edges and corner details, meaning you can go in any direction with these tiles. The Amsterdam collection is for example very suited for use on curved surfaces, like kitchen counters or front desks, and can even be used in swimming pools. The collection is divided into five series:

  • Basic (mosaics in all uni colours and standard mixes)
  • Gold (mosaics with real coppery gold veins)
  • Pearl (mosaics with pearl effect)
  • Silk (mosaics with a smooth and perfect finish)
  • Mixes (multiple mixes of mosaics from the collection)

On request we can supply any kind of mix, pattern or logo with these mosaics.

TMF® London Collection

A lot of our bespoke designs are made with mosaics from the London collection, because these unglazed ceramic mosaics can be applied in nearly any situation. The London mosaics have a flat matt surface and are coloured through and through, making them suitable for both the wall and floor (R11 nonslip rating). The London tiles can even be used outdoors! 

TMF® Barcelona Collection

The Barcelona collection is probably the most versatile one in our assortment, including mosaics in many shapes, sizes, colours and structures. Think of porcelain, square, hexagon, matt or glossy. You can choose between lots of colours: all uni colours, but also marble, gold and bronze.

TMF® Paris Collection

The Paris collections contains mosaics in distinctive and contemporary forms, like an eastern lantern, cubic and pinwheel. The new Paris Picket series belongs to this collection as well: mosaics with a playful hexagon shape, in four stunning colours. The Picket mosaics have a glossy finish, but other series of the Paris collection contain matt mosaics as well.

TMF® Venice Collection

The Venice collection is characterized by versatile and colourful mosaics. These tiles have a pennyround shape and are available in many different colours. Think of very intense colours, like bright red, yellow and orange, but also of softer pastel shades. When using the right kind of grout, you can create the most beautiful designs with the Venice mosaics.

TMF® Sevilla Collection

The Sevilla kitkat collection is relatively new to the assortment and includes a large and small variant. These mosaics look like fingers and their shape resembles the well-known chocolate bar. These large mosaics are available in ten stunning colours, like turquoise, terra red and sea green. The kitkat mini is available in seven beautiful colours, like grey blue and light green. The Sevilla kitkat can be placed both horizontally and vertically. When placed vertically, they are very suited for curved surfaces, like kitchen counters and front desks.

Visits & Contact

If you have a specific tile in mind and want to see it in real life, it’s possible to visit one of our showrooms in Nistelrode or Amsterdam. We display all our mosaics here and we can discuss the possibilities for a certain design. If you wish to visit one of our showrooms, please make an appointment by e-mail or telephone: + 31 (0) 88 5 064 064 of info@themosaicfactory.com.

UCI  head-office, showroom and warehouse in Nistelrode, the Netherlands

Warehouse and showroom openinghours:

Monday from 8:00 to 16:00

Tuesday from 8:00 to 16:00

Wednesday from 8:00 to 16:00

Thursday from 8:00 to 16:00

Friday from 8:00 to 16:00

Other days and times upon request.

Plan your visit and contact us via :

T: + 31 88 5 064 064

E: info@themosaicfactory.com

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