TMF Venice Pennyround collection

Pennyround glazed porcelain mosaics in many colours! Mosaic both in Glossy & Matt

Pennyround mosaic 19 x 5,5 mm

The 5,5 mm thickness of the TMF Venice Pennyround is not only well  in shape, but also rich in colour. Due to the nice round shape  the TMF Venice Pennyround mosaic offers a fun and functional alternative to standard mosaic tile shapes.

The Venice Pennyround can be used indoors or out, on both walls and floors. On floors use only the TMF Venice matt Pennyround and only in light foot traffic areas.

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TMF London collection

Unglazed resistant and durable porcelain mosaic tiles with R11 nonslip rating.

Square 25 x 25 x 5 mm / 23 x 23 x 6 mm

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Hexagon 23 x 26 x 5 mm & 51 x 59 x 6 mm

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The TMF London Collection is a durable unglazed porcelain mosaic tile that can be used both on walls and floors, inside and outside. The individual mosaic tiles have a flat matt surface with sharp edge and corner details. The colouring of the body of every mosaic tile is through and through. 

The TMF London mosaic is made of a very hardwearing and dense material. The technical credentials suit to virtually any situation, even in wetted and working area (Class C, R11).

TMF Barcelona collection

Glazed porcelain mosaics, glossy and matt.
As the TMF Barcelona mosaictiles are frost-resistant, they can be used in projects both indoor and outdoor.

The glossy finished mosaictiles can be used on walls in almost any area. Indoor or outdoor. The tiles with matt finish are very suitable for use on walls and on floors in light foot traffic areas. (Class I EN14411).
The wide collection of sizes and shapes which we can deliver direct from stock, makes the TMF Barcelona collection suitable for almost any project!

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TMF Amsterdam Quartz Glassmosaic Collections

Glassmosaic in more than 70 colours divided over 5 glassmosaic series!
The TMF Amsterdam mosaic collection is a smooth glassmosaic which is characterized by bright colors, clean lines and sharp edge and corner details. Glassmosaic Italian style: 20 x 20 x 4 mm


Amsterdam Basic series: a glass tile of uni coloured glass



Amsterdam Gold series: a luxurious and exclusive glass tile with real coppery gold vein


Amsterdam Pearl series: glass mosaic with a pearl effect


Amsterdam Silk series: a superb smooth product with a perfect finish


Amsterdam Mixes: Mixes from the different Amsterdam series, all regular stockitems.

Would you like to create your own mix or pattern? Just send an email to The possibilities are almost unlimited!

Amsterdam glass mosaic can be used for indoor and outdoor walls and for floors in light domestic areas such as bathrooms.

TMF Paris collection

Glazed porcelain mosaic both Glossy and Matt in special shapes!

The TMF Paris collection is characterized by its distinctive shapes, such as Eastern Lantern, Herringbone, 3D Cubic and Octagon. Classical is topical again with the right mix of colors.

Indoors or out, the most diverse creations are possible! Please contact us to fill your needs by sending an email to

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TMF Montreal collection

Clear Glass mosaic of the highest quality! (ISO 10545).

Square 23 x 23 x 4 mm

You can find glass mosaic in many different qualities, but the TMF Montreal collection comes only in one: the best! The combination of depth and clarity make this mosaic ideal for the creation of contemporary interiors and exteriors and for creating bold colourfull statements.

This glass mosaic is by nature completely non-porous and highly resistant to chemicals, giving it the technical properties perfect for use in commercial applications.

In 4mm thickness there is a wide scale of colours we can deliver from stock. Other sizes and patterns are available on demand. Just send an email to

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Natural Stone collection

The subtle strength of nature makes natural stone mosaics an ideal choice for completing your project. Whether you’re looking to create a rustic, country chic look or a luxurious and sleek style,you’ll be able to find something that catches your eye in our range of natural stone mosaics.

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Valencia collection

Hexagon mosaics in trendy colors, made of > 87% recycled window glass. (made in Spain).

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View all of our Hexagons from the Barcelona, London and Valencia collections!

Barcelona Hexagon Carrara White Inkjet Print

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Barcelona Hexagon Glossy & Matt 3 (!) sizes

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London Hexagon 23 x 26 x 5 mm & 51 x 59 x 6 mm

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