Barcelona collection: Mosaic tiles for use outdoors

The Barcelona collection includes various kinds of mosaics, in different shapes, colours and sizes. Think of all the standard colours, but also trendy pastel shades and even tiles with a marble look. Since the Barcelona mosaics are frost resistant, they can also be used outdoors, for example on a canopy. Read more about the special Barcelona collection and the use of these mosaics below!


The Barcelona mosaics are divided into multiple series and made out of glazed porcelain. All the tiles from the Barcelona collection are frost resistant, meaning they can all be used outdoors. The mosaics are also finished with a glazed coating, which adds a subtle shiny detail to the tiles. If you have any questions regarding the material or if you would like to receive free samples from the Barcelona collection, please contact us.

Colours and shapes

The Barcelona collection includes almost any imaginable colour. The collection offers all uni colours, but also more trendy shades. Think of mosaics in pastel tones, bronze tiles and even marble look tiles. In addition, the mosaics are available in different shapes, like square, rectangular and hexagon. We even offer the squared and hexagon mosaics from this collection in multiple sizes. The hexagon mosaics are for example available in 23x26x5, 51x59x6 and 95x110x6.5 millimetres.

Use and application

Since the Barcelona collection is so extended and versatile in terms of colour and shape, you will most likely find a suitable tile for any project in this collection. It is therefore extra pleasant that these mosaics can be applied in various situations. Because of their glazed coating, these mosaics are very suitable for use on walls, both inside and outdoors. Some of the Barcelona mosaics can be used on floors, although we advise you to only use the matt variant then and only in barefooted areas, like bed- or bathrooms (Class I EN14411).

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