Architect@Work Rotterdam

Visit The Mosaic Factory at Architect@Work in Ahoy Rotterdam, September 16-17 2020.

Face to face contact has always proven to boost the success of relationships, whether they are personal or business related. It is the type of contact which enables us to pick up on body language, it satisfies our basic need for human interaction, encourages transparency and is the best basis for a solid, long-term business relationship.

This is the reason why we are convinced that now, more than ever, is the time to invest in face to face business opportunities such as ARCHITECT@WORK. Their concept enables us to showcase our latest innovations, such as the:

  • Sevila Kitkat mosaic: a totaly new shape of mosaics shown in different trendy colours and sizes.
  • Valencia recycled glass mosaic: sustainable mosaics in current shapes and colours
  • Paris Picket mosaic: playing with the hexagon shape in 145x48mm, in popular colours

to you, a community of architects and interior designers.

Be our guest during this event and book your free ticket here, or join us through a video call if you like.