Amsterdam collection: Glass mosaics in various colours

The Amsterdam collection includes glass mosaics in more than seventy colours, divided into five series. This versatile collection offers something for anyone: glass mosaics in all uni colours, tiles with pearl effect and even mosaics with veins of real gold. In addition, we can supply a custom made mix of these mosaics, in which we for example include a pattern or logo. Read more about our Amsterdam collection below!


The quartz glass mosaics from the Amsterdam collection have a size of 20x20x4 millimetres, with a joint of only 1.5 millimetres, a sharp edge and corner details. This means our glass mosaics can be processed really sleek, which causes their bright colours to come forth more strongly. The pearl effect and gold veins also become more obvious because of the thin joints of the Amsterdam mosaics. The Amsterdam collection has a clear Italian style: mosaics made of pasta glass, with a classic shape.


The Basic series of the collection includes glass mosaics in all uni colours, which we can also mix up in bespoke designs. The Pearl series offers glass mosaics with pearl effect in, among other colours, black, light green, light cream and light pink. The Gold series includes mosaics with veins of real gold, which gives the tiles an extra luxurious and exclusive look. Besides these colours, we have multiple mixes of the glass mosaics in stock and we are able to supply custom made designs. If you have any questions regarding this or if you would like to receive more information, feel free to contact us.

Use and application

The Amsterdam glass mosaics are very suitable for use on the wall, in both interiors and exteriors. These mosaics can also be used as floor tiles in barefooted areas, like bed- and bathrooms. In addition, our glass mosaics are often used in swimming pools, where the glass and reflection of the water give a very special effect. The mosaics are resistant to chlorine and thus can be used in pools without any problems.

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