Amsterdam Collection

TMF Amsterdam Quartz Glassmosaic Collections

Glassmosaic in more than 70 colours divided over 5 glassmosaic series!
The TMF Amsterdam mosaic collection is a smooth glassmosaic which is characterized by bright colors, clean lines and sharp edge and corner details. Glassmosaic Italian style: 20 x 20 x 4 mm.

Amsterdam Basic series: a glass tile of uni coloured glass

Amsterdam Gold series: a luxurious and exclusive glass tile with real coppery gold vein

Amsterdam Pearl series: glass mosaic with a pearl effect

Amsterdam Silk series: a superb smooth product with a perfect finish

Amsterdam Mixes: Mixes from the different Amsterdam series, all regular stockitems.

Would you like to create your own mix or pattern? Just send an email to The possibilities are almost unlimited!

Amsterdam glass mosaic can be used for indoor and outdoor walls and for floors in light domestic areas such as bathrooms.

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