A picture perfect in mosaics!

A picture sometimes says more than a thousand words. Think of holiday snapshots, a beautiful photo of nature or another image that summons pleasant feelings. We usually stick these photos in an album or keep them some other place safe, but then rarely take a look at it. Quite the waste, right? We therefore offer you a beautiful alternative: your favourite picture in mosaics. Read more about this special service below!

The photo

Before we can start processing, we need you to send us the picture you would like to capture in mosaics. We do not have any criteria about quality regarding this picture. In fact, even a photo of a picture is good enough for us to create mosaics out of it. This means you can also use an image out of a book or a photo from your favourite painting. Our programme divides the picture then into pixels, in which one pixel kind of equals one tile. This way we can immediately show you an example of the end result.

Processing to mosaics

After we agree on the design, we will discuss the right size for the mosaics. You can choose between tiles of 10×10, 15×15 or 20×20 millimetres. This choice is pretty personal and depends on taste: the smallest tiles create the sharpest image. We always use mosaics from our Amsterdam-collection, that contains tiles in various colours and textures. The Amsterdam Basic-series for example has tiles in every uni-colour and the Gold-series has tiles with veins of real gold. That’s how we can perfectly mirror your picture in mosaics!

Delivery and prices

The mosaics are delivered in sheets with a number and letter on it, like A1, B2, etcetera. These numbers and letters create a laying pattern, for which the instructions are included. The price of a picture in mosaics mostly depends on the colours that are used. Colours with a lot of pigment, like yellow, orange and red, are more expensive than less-pigmented colours, like white, grey and black. If you want to know more about the prices or if you have any other questions regarding a picture in mosaics, please contact us.

Below you can see an example of this proces, with the original picture, the picture in pixels and in the video you can see the end result!

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